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Meet Our Suppliers


Founder & Creative Director

Cemre Yıldırım Scheepers is the mother of a beautiful little girl and a young entrepreneur who wants to offer something positive to the world.


Responsible of our branding

Sekizderece is a design studio which is responsible for the packaging and graphic design of the Senteurs de Lune brand, offering creative experiences and new spaces for brands and people. We have shared the beautiful journey of the creation process of the Senteurs de Lune brand with Sekizderece design studio.


Responsible of Preparation of our Molds

Our first process in the realization of our candles is the preparation of our molds. "Seramik Kalip" Emre Yiğit is responsible for the preparation of our desired dimensions as molds. He completed his education in the field of fine arts and has been dealing with ceramics for the last 3 years. Emre Yiğit, who mostly works on the tableware products, can also mold other kinds of products if desired.


Responsible of our Candle Production

Our natural soy & bee wax blend candles and essences are poured by Echoes Candle& Scent Lab. They have established their candle atelier in 2019 and producing scented candles for their own candle brand, at the same time they also produce candles for other people or brands.


Responsible of Our Ceramic Production

The production of ceramics for Senteurs de Lune candles handcrafted by Bizon Studio. Bizon Studio is a boutique ceramics atelier that produces handmade ceramics and porcelain, as well as its own designs and for the other brands.


Who Prints Our Artwork

Gulistan Dekal undertakes the printing of the our collaboared artist’s artworks on our candles. For 40 years, Gulistan Dekal continues to offer its customers the best quality decal printing with the most perfect service concept, with its superior quality and staff.


Responsible of our packaging and printing production

Alim Etiket is responsible for the production and printing of the packaging of our candles. Always providing the highest quality service and keeping the quality standards at the highest level, they provided the best service in the fastest way with its experienced staff for the Senteurs de Lune brand.

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