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About Us

   Our Story  

Senteurs de Lune is a journey from handmade ceramics to high-end scented candles that become new concept of art.

Inspired by the beauty, creativity, and art around us, these unique candle vessels are manufactured handmade by local ceramic artisans, are poured with a completely natural blend of soy and beeswax scenting exquisite fragrances and decorated with stunning creations by artist’s artworks to create a unique art object. All of our candles are created with an obsessive amount of detail and craftsmanship.


We collaborate with artists; new or experienced, future stars, or already confirmed, to join the project to bring more art toward people.


By buying Senteurs de Lune candles, you aren’t just receiving candles, you are receiving a piece of art. 

   Our Statement  

We need more beauty around us.

We need more positive vibrations around us.

We need more creativity around us.

And we never have enough art around us.

Senteurs de Lune wants to give artists a new platform to diffuse their art and wants people to enjoy it.


 A scented candle is something you have in the

 middle of your house, in your intimacy.

 Why should it have to be boring, branded, or ordinary?

 We scent it maybe a couple of hours, but our eyes will see it for thousands of hours!

 Let's together make our intimacy more beautiful.

   Our Values  

Slow Down & Slow Living

 It's time to slow down to a sustainable pace. Slow production and releasing timeless decorative styled products are essential for Senteurs de Lune.

We believe that conscious consumerism is essential to protect the future.

By producing large sizes, our customers will use our candles for longer without waste, keeping them as decorative objects afterward.


Quality over Quantity

Senteurs de Lune aims to produce high-quality scented candles that will be recognized anywhere in the world through their design and scent. The brand will focus on creating unique collections made by different artists rather than mass productions.

Strong Ethics in our collaboration – Fair Trade and Fairly Paid – Transparency with our customers


 From an ethical perspective, transparency will be the key factor in our communication with our customers. We will share with our customers all the processes and key partners to produce our candles. 

Senteurs de Lune ensures fair-trade practices and healthy relationships between its brand and workers and provides fair remuneration.


Celebrating life, beauty and positive vibrations


Finally, we aim to bring more beauty, art, and creativity to people's lives and be a part of their most beautiful moments with our candles.

Cemre Yıldırım Scheepers

Cemre Yildirim Scheepers is a new young entrepreneur, mother of a beautiful little daughter that wants to give something positive to the world.


After finishing her Master's degree in Belgium, she started her career life in corporate companies in Belgium and has lived and worked there four years and recently moved to Istanbul with her family. She has been working on the idea of Senteurs de Lune for more than a year and has launched the Senteurs de Lune candles in 2021 after many tests and research.


Her inspiration comes from her interest in art, decoration, and love for candles and scents. As she loves to use scented candles in her daily life, the sizes of average existing candles started to be insufficient. She had to renew her candles often and throw the candle pots as they are not looking good in her home once finished. Also, she was getting disappointed by the quality of the candles and having trouble smelling scents of candles while burning. 


She decided to establish the Senteurs de Lune brand after a complex but enjoyable research and development process, dreaming of what kind of candle she would like to have.

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